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I gotta tell ya, I really lucked out with these two. SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun.  

Amy and WillChillin' in the field

We went to a fantastic location in Lincoln, MA. 

I have to say I had no idea I could laugh so much and still keep the camera straight.  

Amy and Will were recently engaged so this was the perfect time for her to take advantage of her winnings and cash in on an engagement photo session.  

They were fantastic, up for anything, very relaxed and by the end of the session Will had a ton of confidence.



Hope you all enjoyed these engagement photos of Amy and Will.

Winners of the 2019 Smith Strong Fundraiser Prize.


Tonight is the 4th Annual Smith Strong Fundraiser.  Silent auctions, Rock and Roll Bingo, raffles and entertainment provided by Nulmage.  www.nuimagedj.com.

If you would like to donate to the Smith Strong Fundraiser please go to www.smithstrong.org.

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Smith Strong Fundraiser Part 1 Wilmington, MA https://www.katedohertyimages.com/blog/2020/2/smith-strong-fundraiser We all have talents.  Some of us are creative. Some of us are intelligent. Some of us are athletic. Some are good with tools, cooking, listening....you get the idea.  Some of us consider ourselves lucky when we meet these people.  That's me! Not the talented one, I'm the one who feels lucky to meet them.  Many, many years ago, while working the fields of Wilmington, MA as an Athletic Trainer I met my first Smith kid.  Little did I know that his injury would begin a long journey of getting to know and taking care of a large family. The Smith Family. As an Athletic Trainer I became a person who was frequently present when things went awry on the fields, and if I wasn't there, I probably got a phone call shortly after.

graham smithSenior photo session at Wilmington HS Baily SmithSenior photo session at Wilmington HS


 Two of the five kids pictured here.

Bailey and Graham.






These Smith kids are pretty amazing.  They are all kind, hardworking, honest, intelligent and yes, athletic kids.  Even more amazing, are their parents, Kevin and Deb. If you know them then you don't even need to read any further. They are just solid people. They see the best in each other. They give up endless hours of their time to volunteer for youth organizations.  They coach, they travel, they support every aspect of their children's lives.  If you are a close friend you know, far better than me, that they would do anything for a friend or family member.  My favorite part (particularly from Deb) if you ask them a question, you're gonna get an answer, not a fluffy, wordy, don't wanna hurt your feelings answer, but a real answer, and you better be ready for it.  I have never known Deb to back down from a fight, especially the one she has been in for many years.

If you don't know, Deb was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago.  When I first heard the news, I cried.  And after a few minutes I quickly reminded myself that she actually is the strongest woman I know.  And so I should stop feeling sorry for her and put my game face on because there is work to do. That's what Deb would do, she would get to work.  Deb has proven year after year, month after month, treatment after treatment, test after test, that she is a fighter and a survivor. 

Which brings me to the point of this blog.  For the past three years, a fundraiser has be held in her honor to help not only the Smith Family with medical costs but also other families in Wilmington that have a loved one fighting cancer.  They provide assistance with co-pays, travel and parking help, gift cards for meals, but more than anything; they care.  They pass on this love and generosity to those who need it and it seems lately that is rare in this world.

smith strong

The money is raised from ticket sales, silent auctions and raffled prizes.  Every year I have donated a free family portrait package to their raffle table.

I love being part of events like this.  I think it shows the best in all of us.  The world needs more Smith Families.

If you would like to be a part of this wonderful event or donate to this amazing cause that helps out local families go to www.smithstrong.org  


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SMILE...or don't. How to show off your best expressions in photos. https://www.katedohertyimages.com/blog/2020/2/smile-or-dont-how-to-show-off-your-best-expressions-in-photos How many times have you taken a picture of your friend or your child and you yell out that famous phrase, "Say cheese!". Then you get a picture that looks like this


For the littles that may look cute but for the adults, not so much.  So how do you get that great smile in photographs that make people say, "WOW".  Some of us are not comfortable in front of the camera and the thought of a photo session can make people very anxious.  Don't worry a few tips on how to produce your best smile and a little practice is all you need.

1. Say MONEY.  This works and Julie Andrews endorsed it on the Stephen Colbert show. (For you young people who don't know who Julie Andrews is, shame on you, also she was the original Mary Poppins, for the millennials, she was the Queen of Genovia in The Princess Diaries.)  If you say "cheese" the corners of your mouth go wide and you show all your teeth, and then you force the rest of your smile, because you think you must. However, if you say "money", you may drop your jaw a little and turn your head.  Most people will also only show the top row of their teeth when they say "money". Give it a try. Plus it actually makes us happy to say that word.

2. The HA HA HAAAAAA! Have you ever seen a photo of you laughing? For me, my eyes are closed, my nose is squinched and all my teeth are showing, it's not super flattering.  Have you ever seen a professional photo of someone who looks like they are laughing? Guess what, they're not, they are doing the HA HA HAAAAAA! Basically, you yell out loud, I mean REALLY loud "HA HA HAAAAAA". It takes a bit of practice, but once you get it you will find it produces a great expression that mimics laughing. Try it, but make sure your windows are closed so your neighbors don't think you're crazy.

3. Your old friend.  Sometimes we get so stressed at the thought of taking photos that our bodies and our face become really tense.  To help my subjects relax I tell them to close their eyes, take a deep breath, count to 5, when you open your eyes, imagine that you are looking at an old friend you haven't seen in a while.  It works.  While you are at it, call your old friend after the photo session to say "Hi".

4. The TONGUE trick.  This one takes a bit of practice, so do this in front of a mirror before your photo session. This is a classic Hollywood Red Carpet trick. Don't believe me? Google it. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Some celebs will even gently place their tongue behind the upper row of their teeth. Don't push too hard, just gently place it there.  Again, practice this in front of a mirror.

5. The SMIZE! This tip came from America's Next Top Model, courtesy of Tyra Banks.  A smize is a smile with your eyes. Tyra is better at explaining this than me, so check out a quick video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBharOWh4xM Practice. Practice. Practice.

I hope you enjoyed some of these tips, now go out there are show the world your smile.


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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. A Bridal Shower in Cohasset, MA. https://www.katedohertyimages.com/blog/2017/4/girls-just-wanna-have-fun-a-bridal-shower-in-cohasset-ma Tradition says that the reason for the bridal shower is to give gifts to the bride and groom that will help them establish a home together, buts lets really just be honest and say this is another great reason to have a party.  If you are lucky enough to have a great family and an awesome group of girls for bridesmaids then there really is no reason why it won't be a day to remember. Which leads me to the subject of this blog post: Kelsey, and her bridal shower.

The bride and groom arriveThe bride and groom arrive

She looks so happy....so does the groom.


This place was so pristinely decorated.  The Maid of Honor, Carley, left no detail unfinished, no corner was overlooked, no favor was misplaced.  The color scheme was perfectly matched to the brides favorite and complemented the sunset beach wedding soon to come. The location; Cohasset Harbor Inn was a perfect selection for Kelsey's shower.  It nicely accommodated the guests and the staff was truly amazing.....especially the bar tender.

The decorate room The decorated room The decorate room The decorated room

The photo wallThe photo wall


But let us not forget how amazing the drinks were and how truly entertaining the bridal party was.  These girls had a great time and were ready at any moment to assist with gift passing, organizing, emergency tissue assistance and mimosa testing.

The bridesmaidsThe bridesmaids

A toast to Kelsey and the girls.


Lets not forget the groom, he is a pretty good guy.

The bride and groomThe bride and groom


For information on having your bridal event covered, contact kate via email. [email protected]



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Scalleys Shamrocks and Shots. A golf tournament to remember. Reading, MA https://www.katedohertyimages.com/blog/2016/11/scalleys-shamrocks-and-shots-a-golf-tournament-to-remember-reading-ma Back in the day, before I had kids, I was a pretty good golfer.  Ok I was a decent golfer. Whatever, I was a boogie golfer.  Anyway, I have this odd love-hate relationship with the sport, because it has the ability to bring out the best or worst in me, and I have a feeling I am not alone in that area. This post is an example of it bringing out my best.


For the second year in a row I was asked to photograph the Kevin J. McKenna Memorial Golf Outing.  I was ecstatic to be asked by Kevin's sister Kelly, who is the supreme organizer of this event. This girl, who has never played the sport, somehow has managed to organize and execute one of the best golf tournament fundraisers I have ever been a part of.  I should also point out that Kelly's father, Bob, is the supreme investigator when it comes to obtaining contributions and donations for the reception. This man launches his tournament work in January.  Did I mention the event is in September?

Kevin J McKenna Golf Outing VolunteersVolunteers for Kevin's Golf Tournament

I wish I could play in it, but instead I photograph the event. It is unlike any other tournament I have ever participated in.  The day is overflowing with laughter and smiles. The foursomes outdo themselves every year with their savvy play.  The volunteers come in droves to assist Kelly and her family. Never have I had the privilege of working with a finer group of people willing to donate their time to create an event that honors a lost friend and family member. Oh yeah, and the proceeds from this event award a high school senior a $10,000 scholarship towards college. Lets pause a moment and think abut that.  A high school senior will get $10,000 scholarship for college.  So that's pretty amazing.

Kelly and BobThe organizers. Kelly and Bob

I had only met Kev a few times before he passed, but let me tell you what I remember.  His smile was infectious. His laughter was bigger than a lion's roar.  He never had a problem having fun (I'm pretty sure he whipped my butt in a game of flip cup).  He looooooooved the Red Sox.  Those that knew him better can talk for hours about his character, his love of family, his dedication to his friends, and his generosity to anyone that crossed his path. As successful as this fundraiser is, it pales in comparison to Kev's love of life.

A Not So Winning ForesomeA Not So Winning Foresome

On this day, I spend about 11 hours setting up and shooting.  Multitasking is my best friend. The day flies by. I meet new people. I forget their names (sometimes).  I reminisce with old ones. I laugh all day. I drive around in a golf cart snapping photos. I comment on players' good swings, and giggle at the bad ones. I somehow manage to make big strong burly men pose for hilarious photos.  Then its to the reception for food, drink, and the most amazing raffle prizes you have ever imagined.  This day is worth every minute. 

A hotshot golferA hot shot golfer on a cart Reading the greensReading the greens Saying GoodbyeSaying Goodbye

This is how we say goodbye


In the fast paced world that we live in where everyone is so quick to tweet about a Kardashian or comment about a political party, I love having this one day a year to work for this golf tournament. It is a day I have the honor to spend time with an amazing group of people. We all need a day to be kind, to be silly, to laugh, to win, to cry, and to remember. I think its a great way to spend a day. Cheers to Kev.

Kelly and Kevin, 2008

For more information on this amazing event, please visit  www.mckennaismybestbud.com


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Hey, what's in the beer? A day at Rising Tide Brewery. -Portland, ME https://www.katedohertyimages.com/blog/2015/10/hey-whats-in-the-beer-a-day-at-rising-tide-brewery--portland-me If you ask either of my siblings they will tell you I do not know the first thing about beer.  I have no appreciation for the taste, the brewing process, the flavor,  or those hoppy things, (jk, I know what hops are.) My tastebuds do not care for the flavorful ales or the dark lagers.  I drink one beer.  If you know me, you know what beer I am speaking of.  I'm really more of a scotch/whiskey girl, but that's for another blog.

Anyway, I was asked to take a trip up to Rising Tide Brewing Company in Portland, ME with some peeps who were filming a TV show.  Joe Gatto's From Scratch   Whoohooo.  Shameless Plug.  Contrary to what my brother and sister think of me, I was very interested in the brewing process and there are so many elements involved, I loved every minute of it.

The owners, Heather and Nate,  were fantastic people who really had a great story about how Rising Tide came to be and why they chose Portland as the home for their brewery. The staff was great, they put up with a film crew being their most of the day and they didn't let us put a dent in their production of that sweet, sweet nectar called BEER. Nate walked us through the entire brewing process amidst his busy day and even gave our TV host some unique tastings.

When the film crew was busy doing their thing and didn't need me,  I found great pleasure in snooping around to get some great images.

hands-grains-beerGrains in handsJust a little grain   beer tapsRow of beer tapsWhat's on tap?

brewery signBoard of grainRising Tide Brewing Co. Established 2010 yeast-hops-grainThe ingredients of beerWhat's in a beer? yeast-hops-grainThe ingredients of beerWhat's in a beer?

All in all a fantastic place.  Rising Tide has tours and even will host private parties.  Granted the experience hasn't completely changed my taste buds, it will take a few more trips for that to happen. But I loved the visit and consider myself much more educated and certainly appreciative of good brewing than I was before.

Until we meet again.  Maybe I will try the "mocking fish" next time I am in Portland.


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You are my sunshine. Child portrait photography. Woburn, MA https://www.katedohertyimages.com/blog/2015/7/you-are-my-sunshine-child-portrait-photography-woburn-ma I have little doubt that if you ask any mom if their child was a cute baby, the answer would be "No." Its more likely the answer will start with a phrase like "Oooooohh, my (insert name here) was such a cutie.  Let me show you." At which point the smart phone comes out and dozens upon dozens of pictures are diplayed in front of you.

I am no different.  I love my little munchkees. And yes they were cute, still are.  I love to photograph them, but they don't always love to be on the receiving end of my camera. When my daughter was born, I took so many pictures of her, I swear there are still some I haven't gone through.

In her first week of life, I had taken over 1000 photos of her.  That was three photo sessions, including the one for the Christmas card. I'm still not exactly sure what I was aiming for with that number.

Christmas baby in bucketFirst laugh for Christmas
She was a December baby and I was determined to get those cards out before Christmas came.  After so many poses, and lighting and outfits and crying (and you name it with a newborn) went wrong, I put her in onesie back on and put the hat and boots on her.  And just like that, she smiled. This photo was pure luck.  Believe me when I tell you that I have a library full of images which tell the true story of how that day really went.  But the image to the above is what everyone received for their Christmas Card.

Every now and again I would set up a little photo session with her.  I always had high expectations not only for my little model but for myself as well. And every time I decided to take a chunk of time out of the day to photograph her I learned something new. Most importantly being, I was spending way too much time behind my camera recording her life instead of experiencing it with her.

Posed baby shotBaby girl photo shoot

As much as I loved the idea of that perfect photo of her, with the perfect expression, and the perfect lighting, and she is sitting just right; that is not who she is.  That photo, while adorable does not tell you who my daughter really is. And that's not who I am either.  I am much better at letting the little ones run free in the yard, screaming and giggling through all the joys of life while I snap away, rather than create a perfect scene for everyone to "hold still" while I check my exposure.

Baby girl splashing in the poolBig splash on a summer day

At the very least I have learned to be mindful of when I choose to pick up the camera so I can enjoy life with her, but when I do snap that shutter I do my best to capture who she really is.




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:It's All About the Family" - A family portrait session. Woburn, MA https://www.katedohertyimages.com/blog/2013/10/-its-all-about-the-family---a-family-portrait-session-woburn-ma There are many bonuses to being part of a large family, or at least extended family. My dad was the oldest of 6, which means I have been blessed with many cousins.  Many, many cousins. I think 16? 18? No matter. The point is there are a lot of us and when we get together it is always a good time. (We're Irish.) But another bonus to having this large extended family is having willing and able models to photograph.  Which brings me to this blog post.

My cousin, Abby, wanted some family photos. "Of course!" I said. I couldn't wait.  Her kids are adorable and so much fun to hang out with. I knew this would be a little bit of a challenge because of the ages (at the time 2 and 4), but still I couldn't wait for the day of the shoot.

Abby never disappoints.  She had the entire family dressed and ready to go (ON TIME), all  coordinated and each person wearing a color honoring the season and complementing their complexion.

Family photoFamily photo Now don't let the photo fool you, the little guy barely sat still for 5 seconds, and we all lost weight that day chasing after him, but it was fun. (Another reason why I wear sneakers to these photo sessions.


Boy walking to fenceTaking a little walk

And just like every 2 year old out there, we had some bad moments. I even remember a bribe with a cookie, but you have to stick with it when it comes to kids. When the little guy needed some alone time, I took this shot above and then I focused on his sister.

She will tell you an entire story of princesses in beautiful dresses and dragons that breathe purple and green fire; of princes that don't like to climb stairs but like to fly and towers with too many stairs (at least for this prince); of bravery even when you're tired from climbing stairs or flying and saving the day and why it's important to listen to this part of the story and to read (she loves to read)...and then when she needs to have a moment with dad, he happily obliges. 

Time with daddyPeekaboo daddy Another great thing about this family: they live down the street from me.  So when things started getting a little intense I did what any smart photographer would do-- CHANGE OF VENUE.  We walked down the street to my yard.

New place, fewer distractions. And it gave everyone a few minutes to relax and just walk. Some of us needed it more than others.

Taking a walkWalking down the street I really love this shot of him.  It just shows so much of his personality, "Look at me, I'm here.  We're gonna do whatever I want cuz I'm cute and you all know it."  He's right. We did.

But here is the best part of doing family photo shoots:  It's All About the Family.  Of course I get some posed shots and everything looks perfect despite the cookies, the negotiating, and sometimes the tears (not on this day).  But the photos I absolutely love are the moments that show what this family is really all about.

Like this one.

Family tickle photoFamily tickle photo

The Gillis Family Photo Shoot  October 2013

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