I like.......

reese's peanut butter cups

fire pits

listening to the rain

pallet projects

watching tinkerbelle movies with my daughter

getting a secret ice cream with my son (shhh)

chocolate (who doesn't?)

electric blankets....best invention ever


The first camera I ever used was a Kodak 110, and I must have drove my parents crazy with all the film I asked them to develop.  I actually went through 4 rolls taking pictures of my cabbage patch kids in a wintery scene made from white sheets and cotton balls, dressed up in snow suits my grandmother knitted for all of them.

Though I pursued a degree in sports medicine, and I have my MBA, I devoted much of my spare time to sharpening my skills and crafting my art. I love portraits, particularly catching the moments that are unexpected. 

I adore working with families and children, but I genuinely gravitate toward high school senior portraits. There is something spectacular about the evolution of high school, it is such an amazing time that I feel compelled to capture. I tend to have a lot of energy during my photo sessions and get as silly as possible.


Let's get started on your new photography adventure.